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Before you can figure out how to get where you are going, you must figure out where you are. We use a variety of assessment tools to give you a solid start.

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Our workshops and courses are designed to help you as a leader accelerate your excellence for greater impact in all aspects of your life.



Our customized individual and organizational programs build on unique strengths and gifts to deliver the results that leaders need to grow and develop.

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Schedule Dr. Owens for one of his "Leadership Exceleration" Series talks from his book, The SWORD of Leadership: Become the Leader You Are Meant to Be.

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Many people are searching for the answers to a specific unmet need.  It is the thing that keeps you up at night, something you hate having to do, or something that you hate that is happening. For the leader this specific unmet need is something internal. You feel like you could be or should be doing more, that there is a disconnect somewhere between where you are and where you want to be.  We recognize this as the leadership gap and we can help you navigate the path between where you are and where you want to be, especially the bridging of the leadership gap that is keeping you from achieving your dreams.

Assessment Tools

We use a variety of assessment tools to help you with that initial survey of where you are as a leader in your development journey.  Self-awareness is one of the key elements of your effective development as a leader.  This applies to organizations as well, often expressed as your "corporate culture" and it is the "personality" your organization projects to the world. We can help you identify where you are and where you are heading with your current culture.

*As a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, we rely on the Kolbe Index A™ as our primary assessment tool. The Kolbe System™ relies on a

unique approach to improving productivity and performance is based on a solid foundation of research and practical application. Focusing

on people's innate problem-solving instincts is what sets the Kolbe System apart. 

The first step in the Kolbe System is to determine the instinctive traits within an organization. This is done with the Kolbe A Index.

This index measures and validates a person's natural talents - the instinctive method of operation (MO) that enables you to be your best. 

Contact us to schedule your assessment and let us complete the interpretation of your conative strengths so that you can be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Strategic Influence Academy

Our academy consists of all of our current workshops and courses.  These include the Leadership Exceleration Series™ workshops and the SWORD of Leadership™ course that is part of our branded Paladin Approach Leader Development System™. Contact us or book your free discovery call to discuss which workshop or course will be a good fit for your organization.  

Custom Programs

Our programs follow a simple format that is either in a one-on-one coaching or a small group coaching setting depending on your needs.

For the leader, we offer a personalized coaching solution that fits your goals and objectives.  Research shows that the leaders who are advancing and making a difference for themselves, their families, and their organizations are the ones who are taking personal responsibility for their own development as a leader.  The challenges are determining where you want to go, knowing where to start and having a roadmap to get there.  We can help.  If you are ready to take charge of your personal development as a leader, then schedule a discovery call today.

For organizations, we offer a customized outsourced solution for the development of your leader development pipeline.   A growing trend impacting on employee retention and satisfaction (key determinants to the health of your organization) is the desire for leader development programs and opportunities throughout all levels of the organization, not just the top tier executives. Yet these can be expensive and time-consuming to implement yourself or often don't meet your needs if you pursue a cookie-cutter approach. Because most of the learned material is forgotten or not implemented within the first 30 days, we offer customized solutions that include followup coaching to enhance learner retention of the materials. If this is something you are interested in, schedule a discovery call today.

Keynote Speaking

Our principal strategist, Dr. Thom Owens, is a sought out speaker and offers his unique perspective on what it takes to accelerate your excellence as a leader. His current topics are part of our Leadership Exceleration Series™ and include talks on the importance of purpose, having a strategic outlook for your life and business, and the principles of effective communication. If you would like to book Dr. Owens for a keynote talk, contact us with the details and our scheduler will get back to you about his availability.

*Notice: Trademarks and registered trademarks (Kolbe Certified™, Kolbe Index A™, The Kolbe System™, and the Kolbe Certified logo) are the property of Kathy Kolbe and Kolbe Corp. All rights reserved. Used herein with permission.


Dr. Owens has done an incredible job with the Paladin Approach Leader Development System. His 30+ years of Leadership training and development through the US Army and his continued Doctoral Studies at Regent University, have all been distilled down into this course.  Through the biblical and historical approach in this model, the complexity of leadership is broken down in an easy to understand approach and implementation made easy with small building blocks in each module.  Your time will be well spent no matter your leadership background to take the Paladin Approach to Leadership.

Ed Carr, Founder Edward Carr & Associates


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